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I Remember

Who are the OM people and can you be one too?

Actually, you already are an OM person...YOU HAVE JUST FORGOTTEN. In fact, we all forget. This practice and our experiences living in this world are all about helping us to remember…

In the Yoga community, we like to debate what is ‘real’ Yoga, perhaps because we want to share the practice in a way that honours this ancient tradition or perhaps wanting to validate our own path through this practice. In truth Yoga has always been an evolving practice. From its Vedic, shamanic roots to the rise of the Sannyasin (renunciate) who retreated into the forest to explore the internal experience; internalising the spiritual practice, all the way through to the most modern styles we know in the west today.

Yoga has never been one thing. It has evolved over time with the people who have practiced it. This may be a good thing, as the practice has been shaped into a style that suits what we ‘want’ it has made it less intimidating and through popularising Yoga millions of people have flocked to modern styles of Yoga to benefit from it.

However, as we have contorted the practice, choosing some techniques and discarding others, often to suit what our ego and desires want to achieve. In the process we may have diluted the practice to an extent that we have diluted its potency.

Anybody who has cared to explore Yoga to its roots will know that the origins of Yoga are not grounded in physical postures. Yoga is a practice of understanding the mind and the breath. If we learn to breathe we become masters of the mind and our experience in this life is radically empowered.

Through this practice of self-discipline and self-awareness we meet many moments of discomfort. We learn to breathe through challenges, boredom and distraction. With practice our ability to focus develops so that the vrittis (fluctuations) in the mind no longer pull us out of the moment we are in. The more our attention rests in the present the more our awareness of everything in this moment begins to expand. We start to experience the subtlest parts of who we are. The sensations in the body, the breath, the thoughts, emotions and intuition. This moments is truly limitless if we can only learn to be here to experience it.

Over time the Yogi gets to see all the transient patterns within them. All the desires, aversions, all the joy and the sorrow, all the thoughts that come and go and underneath it all, something unchanging, a place from which we observe all these experiences as though we watch them from a distance.


Each time the mind softens and we sink into the core of our being we experience a deep contentment there. A peace and joy that is not conditional. A place within us that feels like truth and trust all at once. We start to remember that this is who we are. We cannot be the transient experiences of like and dislike. We cannot find happiness because in fact it is our natural state.

When the first Yogis ventured into the forest to explore their internal environments they experienced this truth and this internal space resonated with the sound of OM.

This internal journey back to the sound of OM, the vibration of our inner stillness, our true nature is our birthright.

But to access this place we need to practice. And a practice that focuses on a process that allows us to de-excite the mind and access our subtle body will help us sustain this way of being. As the world around us pulls us from our center causing us to forget who we are we can come back each day to remember. And so, we become established in being and we being to embody this sate of consciousness. We are joy rather than seeking joy. We now share this way of being with the world around us. Our frequency shifts and our energy is palpable. We pulse with the sound of OM.

It is in this way that we remember that we are the OM People. We always have been. And the world needs us to remember this more than ever.




200hrs to Enlightenment - Why would anyone want to teach Yoga?

Let’s be real…you are wanting to take a 5000 year old tradition often handed down from guru to disciple orally over many decades in order to transcend this world and achieve spiritual enlightenment and you want to learn how to condense this into a 60 minute class to share with students who want to heal the body, mind and spirit in their lunch breaks…Why do you want to do this?

When most people think about Yoga, they imagine the yoga postures that have come to represent Yoga in modern times. In reality, yoga is so much more than exercise. It is a system that provides the opportunity for us to improve our physical health, grow mentality, establish emotional wellbeing and expand our spiritual awareness. Millions of people are flocking to the practice due to the boom of the ‘yogic lifestyle’ being marketed as the ultimate in health and wellbeing. Few know or are interested in the fact that yoga is less about developing a fab body or developing any new skills at all. It is about letting go; surrendering who you think you are every time you practice yoga postures, techniques or meditation in order to reveal your true nature.  How many yoga students that you know would come to class to renounce their lives as they know them to be..? So why do you want to teach Yoga?

I know why you want to teach yoga. Because whether you came to the practice with a goal towards spiritual development or physical enhancement…it has opened something up inside of you. It has started to clear a pathway from your most superficial self to the deepest, subtlest parts of who you are and once you begin to reveal your true nature and experience your most connected, conscious self, your life changes. And then all you want to do is immerse yourself completely in the practice and share it with others. 

Here comes the good news. Your individual experience that has inspired you is not only the best but the only place to start this journey. Yoga is a pathway for life and the infinite potential that we can unlock through the practice can never be contained within finite words or a Yoga class. It is the tapas effort we make to continue showing up to our practice that leads to our evolution. Your unique experience and reason for wanting to dive deeper into the practice or to share it with others is the strongest foundation for an authentic teaching voice, a voice that will speak to the people that need to hear it and will keep becoming then to return each day to surrender more of themselves.

The best teachers I know teach from their own hearts, pouring their experiences into their classes. The practice is an experiment to see yourself from different angles and the moments of awareness that they have experienced create portals in their teaching to transport you to a new depth in the moment.  

Today, many teachers have a few short months in experiencing the practice before they dive into a teacher training. With confidence, they may start to teach full time but soon become exhausted from their busy teaching schedule and naturally their practice falls away the more time and energy poor they become. They teach on autopilot, from sequences created in their minds rather than felt in their own bodies. Without a regular daily practice, where does the inspiration come from? Without time in your own body, mind and heart how can we take people beyond the gross and superficial experience in Yoga shapes and offer an invitation to expand the awareness into the subtle body. Without having experienced discovering parts of yourself that were buried long ago how can we share this with students to give them permission to release old patterns and ideas about who they think they are?  

I want you to tell me a story, to take me on a journey in this shape. I want to hear what this pose means to you so that maybe I can experience myself from a different angle. I want to hear what Yoga means to you rather than feeling that you are trying to remember the fancy choreography that you have strung together on one side. I want to practice your home practice. The sequence of postures that you have experienced in your own body. I want to connect to that!

It has taken me a really long time to feel that I know enough about Yoga in order to share it. 15 years of Yoga asana in my body, a physiotherapy degree, a dedicated meditation/self-enquiry practice, a dedicated study into the history and philosophy of Yoga and literally dozens of books by incredible gurus has led me to believe I have enough of a foundation to share this practice with others who want to learn more about yoga or want to teach the practice themselves. But from where I sit now I realise that whilst that has been my journey, that isn’t the essence of a great yoga teacher. It has always been and will always be your own experience. Your own unique perspective. Take me into your heat and let me rest in the nest that Yoga has created there.


Irene Ais

OM People Yoga


OM People Yoga was founded when Mark, Josh and I started a conversation about quality yoga teaching and realised that whilst we all had such different teaching styles we were unified by our passion for the practice and a commitment to be eternal students.

We decided to create a community committed to living their Yoga, not only for students to explore deeper into themselves through the practice but also to support teachers to commit to their sadhana and use that as an eternal source of inspiration and authenticity for their classes.

The OM People Yoga School 200 Hour Training ‘From the student emerges the teacher’ invites the student of yoga to build a committed personal practice from which they can lead others skilfully and authentically.

This training begins in Melbourne with 5 consecutive weekends of study and ends with a 2-week pilgrimage to the birthplace of Yoga in Rishikesh, India.

We will teach you to trust yourself. We will reawaken the practice within you. 200hr teacher training is just the beginning of a teacher’s journey and it should gift you the inspiration to continue to unpack what this practice means to you each day. As this meaning evolves, so will your teaching

2 countries - 3 teachers - 1 transformative journey into the heart of Yoga

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The OM People - Josh Blau (From Blues to Bhakti)

My name is Josh and I am one of the co-founders of OM People Yoga. 

OM People started as a desire to bring people together who have a common belief around Yoga meaning connection; connection to our inner world and to each other. 

Modern Yoga offers so many different styles and ideas. How do we know what to believe in? How do we know what to practice? Ultimately it comes down to your unique experience. What and how does the practice make you feel?

On my journey I have gone through ups and downs in my practice. At times I was filled with passion and some times, lack of inspiration, burn out and even injury. What I have realised is that ultimately it is all Yoga. If it is done with truth and integrity then it is all Yoga; every style offers us an opportunity to connect. Every style that inspires someone to practice is of value. 

After 9 years of intensive Asana practice a few years of breath work and finally 2 years of dedicated meditation practice what I've gained is an insight into myself and an experience of consciousness.  Consciousness is deeper than our brain can analyse, fainter than our eyes can see and softer than our ears can hear. Occasionally if we’re lucky we get to feel it, maybe in Savasana, maybe in a meditation, but mostly we are distracted by external stimuli and internal noise. My path has become infused with passion for helping students experience their own consciousness.

I have a long history with playing and studying Music. Bhakti Yoga (Devotion chanting) has opened my heart and in this practcie i have found a fusion of music and practice. I have discovered that when I place my attention on consciousness and surrender into it completely it reciprocates back. When I spend time repeating the Mantra, chanting, I find effortless moments of softness. 

The love and devotion of Bhakti is one of the areas that I am most excited to share with the OM People, particularly on our Teacher Trainings.

When we lose ourselves in chanting we let go of our limited ideas around who we think we are and surrender into the bliss that is our birthright to discover. 


With Love,







Co-founder - OM People Yoga

ERYT Yoga Teacher

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16th Street Actors Studio 

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Advanced diploma in events management

Yoga Training - 200hr Black Dog Yoga, 300hr Dharma Yoga, 100 hr The Yin Space