My Deepest WHY led me to Yoga Teacher Training

On a balmy night in early December I was up late thinking about the fast approaching new year, that night I did something completely and utterly out of character for me.

For a young woman with a major fear of venturing outside of the environment with which she is familiar I did something that was a very, VERY big deal for me! I booked myself in for a one month trip to Rishikesh, India, to complete my yoga teacher training.

Rishikesh? India? Why would you choose to go there? Well, the simple answer to this is because it both scares the absolute bejeezuz out of me and yet excites every single tiny cell inside my body at the same time...But let’s go a little deeper than that. The real reason this nurse is travelling to India is to follow a pilgrimage to the heart of YOGA. 

A quick rewind. If you bumped into me down the street about five years ago, you’d be meeting an entirely different Georgie. Before I discovered yoga and started on my wellbeing journey, I was what can best be described as a classic teenage girl. I partied late on weekends, I wore high heels, tight dresses and social status was the most important thing to me. I didn’t take much notice of my physical health, and never thoughts about my emotional and mental health. I remember constantly feeling unhappy and uncomfortable, as if I never quite fit in with the crowd, yet I continued down this same path for years and years because I thought this was the only path.

One day I was scrolling aimlessly though Instagram and discovered a picture of a man showing off some incredible yoga skills. My mind was immediately captivated, and my life would change forever. I remember becoming absorbed inn this teacher’s page and some yoga hashtags for the rest of the afternoon...I had been inspired to take up yoga. 

I started practicing in my back yard on my mother's old mat, that was actually a foam camping mattress. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. All I knew is that it felt good and I was inspired me to keep going. I started taking pictures of my practice, tracking my progress and sharing my journey. This eventually lead to the creation of the Fit With Georgie account. From trying to recreate the pictures I saw online, to following beginner vinyasa flows on YouTube, my asana repertoire began to grow, and as an ex-gymnast it was to my great delight that I found many beginner postures came easily to me. Soon, my hunger for a greater challenge became ravishing, and I started going to yoga classes around Melbourne… I even started hosting some yoga challenges online. I spent the first few years of my yoga journey focusing heavily on the physical practice. I found asana practice mentally stimulating and was infatuated by the beauty of the human body creating these shapes. It would take me a few more years before I really plunged into practicing yoga in its entirety; incorporating the practice of mindfulness and meditation into my daily life. From the first time I stepped onto a yoga mat I have known that yoga was a place to call home. 

So Why am I doing my training with OM People Yoga? It has everything to do with the teachers...

I bumped into Josh Blau by chance one day when I was heading out from a yoga class. The instructor introduced us and we quickly realised that we followed one another on Instagram. To this day I thank my lucky stars that our paths crossed in that moment, because Josh has been a shining beacon light in my life ever since. Josh has seen me grow throughout my entire yoga and wellbeing journey, from a lost and clueless teenager who’d just discovered yoga, to co-hosting a fitness retreat in Bali, to now embarking on my very own yoga teacher training journey. He’s been my guiding voice of wisdom through thick and thin, and there’s something about his ability to support me with calmness, compassion and patiently answer all of my questions and doubts about life that makes me feel immeasurably valued and powerful. Josh has over time supported me through being a uni student, a sleep deprived registered nurse and even a heart broken blubbering mess. He has inspired in me courage and permission to achieve my dreams. I couldn’t think of a better teacher being to learn from on my Teacher Training journey.

After meeting with Irene and Josh to discuss attending the training I quickly realised that the OM People and I share the same WHY in life. We want to share with the world what we’re passionate about, what makes us come alive. To inspire others around us from our own experiences so they can live happy and enlightened not just practice yoga postures but really live their Yoga

It may have taken me almost five years of living more consciously and building a passion for wellbeing to reach the point where I feel completely ready and willing to immerse myself into embodying life from the wisdom of yoga and meditation. I am full of excitement and anticipation for where this new journey will take me. I absolutely cannot wait to dive head first into this experience and discover more about myself than I’ve ever known before, alongside some incredible like-minded human beings on a special journey of their own. The OM People slogan is ‘From the student emerges the teacher’ and I am to elevate my studentship and become a teacher. 

Georgie M