The OM People - Josh Blau (From Blues to Bhakti)

My name is Josh and I am one of the co-founders of OM People Yoga. 

OM People started as a desire to bring people together who have a common belief around Yoga meaning connection; connection to our inner world and to each other. 

Modern Yoga offers so many different styles and ideas. How do we know what to believe in? How do we know what to practice? Ultimately it comes down to your unique experience. What and how does the practice make you feel?

On my journey I have gone through ups and downs in my practice. At times I was filled with passion and some times, lack of inspiration, burn out and even injury. What I have realised is that ultimately it is all Yoga. If it is done with truth and integrity then it is all Yoga; every style offers us an opportunity to connect. Every style that inspires someone to practice is of value. 

After 9 years of intensive Asana practice a few years of breath work and finally 2 years of dedicated meditation practice what I've gained is an insight into myself and an experience of consciousness.  Consciousness is deeper than our brain can analyse, fainter than our eyes can see and softer than our ears can hear. Occasionally if we’re lucky we get to feel it, maybe in Savasana, maybe in a meditation, but mostly we are distracted by external stimuli and internal noise. My path has become infused with passion for helping students experience their own consciousness.

I have a long history with playing and studying Music. Bhakti Yoga (Devotion chanting) has opened my heart and in this practcie i have found a fusion of music and practice. I have discovered that when I place my attention on consciousness and surrender into it completely it reciprocates back. When I spend time repeating the Mantra, chanting, I find effortless moments of softness. 

The love and devotion of Bhakti is one of the areas that I am most excited to share with the OM People, particularly on our Teacher Trainings.

When we lose ourselves in chanting we let go of our limited ideas around who we think we are and surrender into the bliss that is our birthright to discover. 


With Love,







Co-founder - OM People Yoga

ERYT Yoga Teacher

TVI Actors Studio

16th Street Actors Studio 

Peter Sardi School of Acting

Advanced diploma in events management

Yoga Training - 200hr Black Dog Yoga, 300hr Dharma Yoga, 100 hr The Yin Space