The OM People - Irene Ais (Awareness Warrior)

The first moment the light of self-awareness penetrated my skin, I felt that Yoga would be a place to come home to, a place where I could remember who I am.

Like many people I was introduced to yoga through the physical practice. I was 17 and very active. Yoga poses appealed to me instantly because they provided me with challenges across balance, strength, flexibility and focus. Unfortunately, I brought my competitive nature and Type A personality with me when I practiced. I would force myself into deeper poses, push myself beyond my breath and experience frustration when poses didn’t come easily to me. I lived a yang lifestyle and like many, I practiced in a very yang way.

Yoga was patient with me. I gently began to experience moments of presence where I was flooded with greater self-awareness and the different poses provided opportunities for me to see myself from new angles.

I was studying Physiotherapy at university and had become completely immersed in the world of science, western medicine and evidence. At times Yoga challenged my beliefs when poses that I felt were not functional and potentially dangerous were offered and esoteric concepts were shared. I could FEEL the impact of the practice for myself however I often processed my experiences cerebrally craving research evidence that Yoga was a system that could support anybody. In hindsight I know that I also lacked the knowledge of energy anatomy, philosophy and a consistent teacher who could act as my guide through the experiences I was having. 

Physiotherapy takes a Bio-Psycho-social approach to treating patients, meaning we consider all aspects of the individual’s experience that may have led to their injury. Slowly a seed had been planted between the union of body, mind and spirit in yoga and the preventative, rehabilitative approach of Physiotherapy. I knew that Yoga was a system that had the potential to completely change a practitioner’s life but I still wrestled with certain parts of the practice that I didn’t completely understand.

I had been practicing yoga for almost 9 years when a sudden move to LA for 6 months meant I could not work overseas as a Physiotherapist. I found a local Yoga studio where I could invest in my practice due to the extra time that I had available. It may sound dramatic, but the moment I stepped into the space, my life changed.

Black Dog Yoga showed me the meaning of Kula community. I discovered a place where people were welcomed like family and the practice, with all 8 limbs were shared passionately by teachers. My physical practice grew but without even realising it the philosophy of yoga and the attention of nurturing teachers meant I was learning more about myself as a person. Within a few weeks I was working as a karma yogi at the studio.

The move to America came at a very challenging time in my life. My father had become ill and passed away suddenly and I had to leave my mother on her own as I embarked on my planned time away. One night at the studio I was lying in savasana after a physically challenging class and I experienced a moment that I can only describe as the closest I had ever come to experiencing Samadhi, unconditional bliss and contentment in my heart. I was in a place of grief and uncertainty, yet I was completely happy despite that because I was revealing a deeper, unchanging part of myself. I knew in that moment that I wanted to share the potential of this practice with others.

In the years that have followed, Yoga and meditation have become my portal to a more conscious and connected life. I began to experience more profound impacts physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and energetically. Yoga was literally changing my life.

I have created a teaching styles that honours and blends my study in the the science of the west and the wisdom of the east. I blend a decade of understanding the human body through yoga, pilates and physiotherapy with my personal experience of the energetic potential of the practice. My strong Hatha classes offer a therapeutic approach to sequencing for students to find joy in their bodies by supporting their unique alignment. My mission is to inspire students to approach themselves with curiosity so that they can discover deeper awareness.

Today I am passionate about being a teacher trainer. Trainings allow me to break the practice down and journey deep into each area both theoretically and in an embodied way. We take time to explore the philosophy, the practical elements and share own unique experiences to cultivate a solid platform to teach from. Every time I gather with students in the teacher training space I see the practice and myself in a new light.

My practice has revealed the shadow and the light within me, the masculine and the feminine, the yin and the yang. I want to take you on a journey to where you dance between these opposites because somewhere in the middle you keep discovering who you are.

With JOY,







Co-Founder – OM People Yoga

Facilitator - OM People Yoga School 200hr Yoga Teacher Training & 50hr advanced Training

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist

ERYT Yoga Teacher

Clinical Pilates Instructor

Occupational injury prevention consultant

Creator Therapeutic Yoga Level Course with Unite Health

Mental Health First Aid presenter

Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

Yoga Training: 200hrs Black Dog Yoga, 200hrs Janet Stone Yoga, 100hrs The YIN Space