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20 HR Training with irene ais & josh blau

Exploring the Yoga of the heart.

Bhakti, mantra and sound as the pathway to self realisation

We live in a boundless universe of vibration. 

For thousands of years the mystics have shared that the first subtle manifestation was sound, the mantra AUM and from this ripple of resonance was birthed all of manifestation.  

In this two day training we will explore breath and sound as the subtlest aspect of our practice and all created form in the universe.

Discover the power of pranayam, mantras, mythology, music, chanting and tantric philosophy as practices to awaken our highest potential. 

 Irene and Josh have created a master training for any dedicated student or teacher of Yoga to advance their practice or for anyone interested in exploring the power of sound and the transformative effect of Bhakti Yoga.


This 20 hr course with IRENE and JOSH includes detailed exploration of:

  • The Vedic worldview - sound as the origin of all nature 

  • The primordial sound of OM 

  • Yoga of the heart - Exploring Bhakti Yoga, the path of love and devotion

  • Exploring the cave of the heart

  • Bija Mantras to awaken the chakras and the mind

  • Breathing your voice - Breath as the gateway to finding your unique voice

  • The throat chakra - purifying, awakening and balancing our centre of expression

  • Chanting - a practice to quieten the mind and awaken the spirit. 

  • Mythology for deepening kirtan practice and as a guide for our personal journey

  • Mantra - a bridge towards awakening 

  • Meditation on mantra, sound and breath

  • The resonant mind - our brains response to vibration

  • Healing with sound

  • Facilitating mantra and kirtan 

  • Introduction to Harmonium

  • Yoga Alliance certified for 20hrs of continuing education points for Yoga teachers

  • This course counts towards continuing education credits for current 200hr+ teachers certified by Yoga Alliance


NOV 30TH – 1st DEC 2019 

w h e r e  

Non Residential Immersion

Melbourne, VIC

Updog Yoga

I N V E S T M E N T   

$600 Exc GST

  Early bird ( full payment pre Sept 31st 2019 ) $499

25% (non refundable) deposit due to secure place

 a powerful immersion for all teachers & dedicated students OF YOGA WANTING TO EXPLORE TO THE SUBTLEST PARTS OF WHO THEY ARE